Celebrate with us!

Raum Chapel – 8:50 am • Wesley Chapel – 9:50 am • Rock Hall – 11:00 am

Bible Study – “The Life of Christ”

Wesley Chapel – Wednesday April 22nd – 9:00 am
Rock Hall Church – Wednesday April 22nd – 7:00 pm

Top Ten Reasons to Attend a Bible Study:

10. To grow as a Christian

9.   To develop a more theological insight or biblical understanding

8.   To build a community of faith

7.   To be in a supportive environment

6    To make new friends, or to deepen existing friendships

5.   To be a part of something great

4.   To study under a trained leader

3.   To support my church/charge and people in the study

2.   To learn about the Bible

 1. To know God through his Son, Jesus Christ

Our Charge serves the community of Rock Hall the and surrounding area.  Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Rock Hall provides a spectacular backdrop for worship and a constant reminder of God’s wondrous gift of creation. The natural beauty of Rock Hall only shadows the warmth and love felt within our Rock Hall Charge family.  United in faith and purpose, our Charge is yoked in a relationship with Christ through service and conduct.

The Rock Hall Charge is focused on going deeper in our faith and understanding of the Bible. Small groups feed, challenge and nurture the Charge body and the results are realized in growing ministries that touch all parts of the community.  It is our purpose to reach out beyond the walls of our church, beyond the boundaries of our community and beyond the limits of our state to be servants in the world as God calls us. Putting our faith into action while proclaiming and praising God is our core purpose! Everyone is welcome to take part in our exciting revival!  There are no limits to God’s love and forgiveness. As we are bound by that love, we encourage you to share this joyful experience! Share with us your prayer concerns, questions, and inspirational messages

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